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“A Good Name is Better than Great Riches”

By Zack Cummins

One of our Core Concepts at Concept Z is this idea that a good name is better than great riches. 

That is a guiding principle that helps us evaluate situations, or as Stephen Covey would say, find “True North” on our “Moral Compass.”  By practicing this precept, our Real Estate Professionals can better navigate problems that arise, and make decisions that are right for the consumers, but ultimately benefit them in their careers.


What does this phrase mean that a good name is better than great riches

And why would a sales person who is trying to put food on their family’s table prescribe to such an idea?  Simply put, what you reap is what you sow….times 10!  Since our agents are career real estate professionals, they must take the long view to succeed.  They understand that the life blood of their business flows from their reputations, which is developed through their past customers and the experiences that they have had.  That’s why it is easy for them to make decisions that immediately benefit their clients, even if it doesn’t immediately benefit their wallet.  It’s not even martyrdom!  They can both benefit the client and themselves, simultaneously, by simply doing the right thing.


When you are working with an agent who thinks this way, you will immediately notice the difference.

They understand that people in today’s world of transparency and fast-flowing information do business with people who they know, like and trust.  And trust is comprised of two things both moral and practical.  Integrity (the moral aspect) and competence (the practical aspect).  In other words, if I am going to earn your trust with one of the most important decisions of your life, then you must believe in my character as well as my skills to get the job done.  Both are vital in order to have trust.  In order to have “A Good Name.”  A person with this ideal will be easy to work with.  You will look forward to seeing them.  You will always feel valued when you are around them.  They will seek to understand your situation and they will help you maintain proper perspective on any problems that may arise.  They will be a calming influence in an often highly emotional real estate transaction.  They will be someone who takes pride in a job well done and they will strive to serve you, the client, in every way possible.

Navigating all those hard decisions becomes easier if you know what direction “True North” is.

But knowing the direction is only half the battle.  The path has to be walked daily in order to reach your destination, but as we do it is our goal at Concept Z – Home and Property, that through our business we can live a life that shows we believed, “A Good Name is Better Than Great Riches.”