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13 Cutting-Edge Updates for the Smart Home

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show introduced a slew of new and improved technology that will make the everyday experience of living in a home much easier and efficient. January 17, 2020   by Melissa Dittmann…
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“A Good Name is Better than Great Riches”

By Zack Cummins One of our Core Concepts at Concept Z is this idea that a good name is better than great riches.  That is a guiding principle that helps us evaluate situations, or as Stephen Covey would say, find “True North” on our…

What is the Real Estate Commission?

  By Matt Westkott. Real Estate Commission is on the Table! That’s right. Let’s open up the discussion! What is the real estate commission? How much should you pay? And what are you getting for the money?! These are really…
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5 Steps to Prepare Your Home to SELL (Indoor Edition)

  Brrr! Has all this cold weather frozen you on your "Honey-Do" list? No need to stress or to wait until Spring to begin preparing your home to sell. We're here to help you! Jump start the process with these 5 steps to make life…


Happy 2018! We hope your New Year is off to a great start and you’re getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season. Everyone is buzzing about their New Year resolutions, and of course we are too. Our New Year Resolution…
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Deciding if You’re Ready to Buy Real Estate in Sheridan, Wyoming

A lot of millennials in their 20s dream of buying a home. But are you ready to look for your first piece of real estate in Sheridan, Wyoming? Here are some things to do and consider as you begin your hunt for your first home, sweet home.   First,…
What should I price my property in Sheridan Wyoming?

Concept Z Offers Advice on Pricing Your Home

When it comes to choosing listing price, your real estate agent in Sheridan WY will help you stay realistic. According to a recent article by realtor.com, it is common for home sellers to over price their homes. Before listing your Wyoming…
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Investment Property for Sale in the Big Horns to Cater to Boomers

A growing number of baby boomers rent instead of own in their retirement, according to a recent report by the Chicago Tribune. Even though they rent, many boomers still gravitate to beautiful states such as Wyoming. By investing in real estate…

What a Real Estate Agent in Sheridan, WY Can Do for Your Home Buying Experience

Although you may have had positive experiences with renting homes, you may eventually want to put an end to the limitations that come with renting over owning your own property. While you will find home buyers and home sellers that take on the…