Concept Z Offers Advice on Pricing Your Home

What should I price my property in Sheridan Wyoming?
When it comes to choosing listing price, your real estate agent in Sheridan WY will help you stay realistic. According to a recent article by, it is common for home sellers to over price their homes. Before listing your Wyoming home with an experienced Realtor, consider 5 of the common but terrible reasons to list your home for more money. Even though you love your home for many reasons, potential home buyers do not necessarily share your same viewpoint. When you price your home too high, it often takes longer to sell. The longer you wait to sell, the more money you spending in “carrying costs,” such as mortgage, property taxes, home owner’s fees and maintenance.
You have a gift for decorating
One reason people over price their home in Sheridan, WY, is because they think they have a gift for decorating. Even though you love your quirky and colorful design touches, in most cases buyers rather buy a home with neutral colors. Neutral colors show how clean the home is, but also leave a blank canvas for the new owners to design the house.
You obsess on the comps
Your Realtor will show you a comparable market analysis or similar homes in the area. Do not “nitpick” by placing too much value on small features that aren’t worth as much as you imagine.
You focus on your ROI too much
Although everyone wants a return on investment or ROI, the value of your home is not based on how much you would like to get at closing. Of course, you would love a certain profit, but homes are only worth what people are willing to pay.
You feel an emotional attachment
To sell a home, it helps for the buyer to feel an emotional attachment. If you are too emotionally invested in your home because of the sweat equity and work you did, it could cloud your perspective in terms of the home’s market value.
You love to haggle
Even if you love to haggle at yard sales, rely on a professional real estate agent to negotiate the selling price. It’s not smart to over price a home in hopes the buyer will negotiate. Your Realtors will often know the right price because it’s not their first rodeo.
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