Popular Home Styles and Features that Sell Real Estate in Sheridan, Wyoming


When selling your real estate in Sheridan, Wyoming, there are some features you can add to shoot the value up without spending a fortune. However, if you own a home with an unpopular home style or façade, it’s not typically worth the money to make changes. A great Realtor helps you find the one buyer who not only appreciates your home, but gives you a great offer. Depending on your style of home, you can outfit your home to appeal to buyers.

Adding a twist with your curb appeal

To increase your odds of selling quickly or to help you figure out what kind of home to buy next, consider the popular home styles as reported in a Huffington Post article. Since you can’t really change the architectural design of your home, focus on improving curb appeal. At this time, design experts say the Craftsman style home is most popular. Even if you own an ordinary ranch in Sheridan, Wyoming, you can add Craftsman style lighting fixtures. Another idea is to add stone façade for a more Craftsman look. Other popular styles include Country, Traditional, Farmhouse, Cottage and Modern.

Paying more for certain features

Although homes buyers will often pay extra for certain features when buying real estate in Sheridan, Wyoming, don’t choose your next home based on features that are easy to install or change. When selling, do make sure your home has central A/C, new kitchen appliances and a beautiful overall kitchen. When moving to your move-up home in Sheridan, make a list of what you want and how much it would cost to have the work done by tradesman. Compare your list to the money wanted by the sellers to decide whether to bid on the real estate in Sheridan Wyoming with many of the features you want.

Highlighting your positives

Because you know buyers will pay more for certain features, make sure you accentuate the positives. For example, buyers like fireplaces, eat-in kitchens, kitchen islands, stainless steel appliances and sturdy laundry machines.

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