Tips for Choosing Art with Flair When Selling Real Estate in Sheridan, Wyoming


Choosing art and décor items often baffles home sellers. When listing your real estate in Sheridan, Wyoming, work with a reputable Realtor who knows what appeals to today’s buyers. Some sellers tour new home models to find out how professional stagers decorate homes to show off the potential. According to a recent piece by U.S. News & World Report, the trick is to avoid any art or décor that is too personal or intimate. At the same time avoid blank walls that bore potential buyers or fail to capture their interest.

Start with a blank slate

The first step when preparing your walls to sell real estate in Sheridan, Wyoming, is to take everything off the walls. Clean and paint after removing family photographs and eccentric art or items that could turn off buyers. Make sure you don’t leave any nails or nail holes in any of the walls.

Add flair and personality

When choosing framed wall art and photographs, use frames that coordinate with other elements of the home. For example, if you have stainless steel appliances, consider metal frames. If your appliances are white or black, choose coordinating frames.

Show off Sheridan, Wyoming

One idea is to use photographs of the parks and beautiful mountains and other Wyoming attractions. Showing off the area reminds buyers why they want to buy real estate in Sheridan. Remind people where they will live.

Include abstract art

Include a few abstract art pieces, which most people find interesting. Also, landscape art is “safe” since most people like nature including the mountains, rivers, flowers and forests. For the kitchen, hang art that shows attractive fruit or other edible items. For the bedroom, aim for a relaxing scene such as the shoreline.
Other ideas include using maps in an office or den, word art such as inspirational quotes and lifestyle photos such as an inspirational depiction of people running a marathon.

At Concept Z, Home and Property, we work hard to show the best features of your real estate in Sheridan, Dayton, Banner and Ranchester, Wyoming. We highlight the joy of living in the Big Horns. For more tips on wall art when staging your home in Sheridan WY, please contact us.